3D is the new 2D.

Signage, channel letters, big props – all is now possible to 3D print.

This bull is 3D printed in one piece with a shelled interior. Very little material is used in the printing process. It comes out white and is post-processed with sanding and painting.

How to create a 3D Sign from a 2D LOGO?

Any 2D logotype can be converted to 3D, but some are better than others. By tracing the letters and rising them out of the picture you get a 3D effect. One simple way is to thermoform a sheet of plastic over a 3D printed mold. The sheet is heated and lowered down onto the mold and a vacuum is applied below it. the sheet will “stick” to the mold and hence get the exact form.

An example of a modified LOGO. NSVA.

This is my local municipal water processing company. What immediately is very visible is the three drops, that can be built in the freeform environment in my cad software.

After some modelling this is the result. A rendering of how a proposed sign may look:

Of course many variables are present when designing a sign. How is it fastened on the wall? Does it have lighting inside. Each project is unique.

But here comes a few more:

A shoe in full 3D. Almost any object can be made in large format.

The letters are 3D printed and the ice cream is thermoformed.

Contact me if you want to discuss a 2D to 3D conversion of your logo or making a BIG object of one of your products. /Lars