I am a consultant in CAD design, rapid prototyping and Vortex Flow Dynamics. I have a deep knowledge in 3D-printing. Low end as well as high end printers, and also experience of metal printing. I can help with adapting your design to the additive manufacturing method.

Freelancing as a cad designer I can help you with both design and manufacturing of prototypes.

I incorporate the ideas of bio-mimicry in my thinking and a sustainable and ecological living is the goal to reach. I have a deep interest in making this world a better place to live in. This means that our technology must operate in a way that does not harm the enviroment. All things must find that delicate balance wich sustains both nature and a modern living.

I have several years of experiance of designing vortex machines in IronCAD. The last five years I have had a great deal of hands on experience with 3D Printing, and design in CATIA V5 and FUSION 360.


Mobile: +46 708 557686

Vasagatan 23B
SE-261 36 Landskrona

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The head on the front page is a scan of the bronze death mask of CARL XII.
Supposedly genuine.