Design for Additive Manufacturing.

Today we are in the beginning of a shift in how we manufacture stuff. With Additive Manufacturing, also called 3D printing comes the freedom of thought into the design process. Your own imagination is the limiting factor because “Complexity is for free”.  Any shape, no matter how complex is generally OK to 3D print. 

3D printing has been around since the -60’s. Research and prototyping was the two big areas of use, but now we are moving rapidly into end use products.

CAD Design. I will create your model.

I will design it from scratch, sketch or drawing. If you already has a 3D model, I can modify it for you. These are some examples of areas of interest:

  • 3D Printing
  • Casting
  • Weight optimization
  • Parts Consolidation

Beginners course in CAD. Learn Autodesk Fusion 360 from a pro.

Do you need to learn how to use a real CAD software? Let me give you a crash course. A one-on-one basics training.

Fusion 360 is an excellent software, intuitive and simple to learn. It is free to use for hobbyist and small scale businesses. For larger companies it is just cheap.

2D Drawings. Still around.

The old paper drawing is still used. Do you have a need for a drawing I can create it for you.

Visualization – concept design and rendering

I will create a quick concept and render a photorealistic image that can be used for marketing and other activities.


Need a prototype? I can help. I have access to low and high end 3D printers.